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Bend and the surrounding areas is a community of caring families which is witnessed by its residents every day.  We care what happens to our neighbors and we want to make a difference when we see a need. The Christmas Tree Project of Bend is a small example of this commitment.  Please join our team of 'Bendites' to ensure that the Holiday Season is especially memorable to those in need.  This project will be a success because of you.   The saying, "There is Power in Numbers," has very special meaning for this project.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Please review the growing list of items and services we need now:

Christmas Trees:


It will be wonderful to have a variety of a different trees.  Please share your artificial tree or pick up a live tree from one of our local businesses.  No tree is too small or too large.  We'll find it a happy home.

Christmas Tree Accessories:


Along with the delivery of each family's tree, we'll need an adjustable tree stand and skirt to go around each tree.  

Christmas Tree Lights:


Twinkling lights on a Christmas Tree makes the Holiday complete.  We'll need mini lights of every color and length, (preferably energy efficient), along with extension cords. 

Christmas Tree Dressing:


As you know, the fun of trimming a Christmas Tree comes from hanging an assortment of various ornaments, tinsel, garland and ribbon.  Please don't forget packages of tree hooks and angels and stars as the finishing touch to top our trees. 

Christmas Tree Transport and Delivery:


Most trees are too large for car transport.  If you have access to either pick up trucks and/or moving trucks, we need you.  We'll try to organize your time so that multiple deliveries can take place in one trip.  



As deliveries are being made, we will need a location to store items until they reach their Holiday home. After the Holiday season, we will need ongoing storage in preparation for next year.

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